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  The Brewery Nova Paka is an individual small independent Czech brewery. The foundation stone of the brewery was laid in 1871. The whole building was erected during the first year and the first batch of beer was brewed. Since the foundation of the brewery, the production of beer has never been interupted. The whole construction remains in its original state and in the way the brewery was built, so it stays till today.

Water provided from a 85 m deep well, own malt, quality Czech hops and brewery yeasts are used for the production. 

The Nova Paka beer is brewed with a traditional method of bottom-fermented beers, so called lagers, with characteristic full bread-like taste, adequate natural carbonation (saturation), golden colour, typical firm rich head, bitterness and relish. 

The Brewery Nova Paka puts strong emphasis on export, selling approximately 60% of its production abroad. The traditional markets for beer from Nová Paka are the USA, Canada, the Baltic States, Germany, Poland, Israel, China, South Korea, Finland and Sweden. 

Nowadays, the company has also focused its activities on the area of tourism. The reconstructed historical Art–Nouveau buildings, the classical method of brewing beer together with modern know-how and technologies create a good base not only for the production of the high-quality traditional Czech beer but also for the development of tourism. The historical Assembly Hall of the Board of directors of the brewery and also the newly constructed brewery restaurant below the brewing house, with its seating capacity of 80 people, are available for seminars, company outings and cultural and social events. 

The Brewery Nova Paka has an ideal opportunity to continue in the original Czech brewing of the golden beverage and offer to the customers so often desired "exceptionality". Many awards awarded to the Brewery Nova Paka can verify it. However, the best proof of it is the ever increasing popularity and consumption of our beer both in the Czech Republic and abroad. 



29.4.2015 Čína
I přes mírné zpomalení růstu čínské ekonomiky se nám na tomto trhu daří.


24.4.2015 Austrálie
Podzimní návštěva veletrhu Fine Food v Austrálii, kterého jsme se zúčastnili v loňském roce, nám přinesla rozšíření exportu o další kontinent. 

Brewery of Nova Paka, Company Store I.
Pivovarska 400
509 01 Nova Paka

Monday – Friday: 8.00 a.m. – 16.00 p.m.

tel. +420 493 760 766

Brewery of Nova Paka, Company Store II.
Kumbursky Ujezd 17
509 01 Nova Paka

Summer opening hours (from 1st April to 30th September):
Sunday – Thursday: 8.30 – 18.30 
Friday – Saturday: 8.30 – 19.30 

Winter opening hours (from 1st October to 31st March):
Sunday – Thursday: 8.30 – 18.00 
Friday – Saturday: 8.30 – 19.30 

tel.: +420 724 143 552

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 Pivovar Nová Paka a.s.
 Pivovarská 400
 509 01 Nová Paka
 IČO: 49241290
 DIČ: CZ49241290


 Tel: 493 721 025

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